Friday, July 21, 2006

unintended learning

I wanted to learn about python as a first language,however in the upkeep of my blogs HTML is becoming my first language. :) I found that is really teaching me the ins and outs of OOP programming,because most of the tools and features I need in my blogs appear to be objects I find at google,paypal, and other blog tool sites. At times I do have to modify these codes to fit my blogs. Well, As they say life is a constant learing process, and death is just another subject of education.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another test post

This is just a test of the google adsense and senseless postings. lol

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Cambrian house

I just checked out this site. This may seem to be a great idea for opensource/GNU comunity. As far as I gathered this is a place where you can submit ideas and get involved in discussions of new software ideas and projects. I will report back with further findings. Theres even a way to make money on this site(especially if your the creative type) Again I will report on this as I learn more.

Introducing my first blog-book

I will be posting my new "in progress" in another blog title "The rent is due" its about yours truly trying to pay rent and endup save our reality as we know it. This will be my first book.

OH, here the location of the blog. I hope everone enjoys it. Also, any input would be greatly appieciated. I have no writing skills what so ever and hope I can improve them with this project.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Amit's Blog.: Programming quite a lot these days...

Amit's Blog.: Programming quite a lot these days...

This is a cool blog by another brave soul whos learning c. :)
Well I still don't know what to write so instead of just droning on about my educational experience. So I will try my hand at fictional writing,who knows I might gain some ideas on a new game. I will be blogging the first chapter within the next week.
At this point in my journey Im still trying to configer and setup Red Hat 7.1 "seawolf"on my laptop. This is my current setup.

IBM Thinkpad 385xd(I know old,buts its all I have)
>233 mhz cpu
>32mb ram(96mb max)
>one usb port
>two pcmcia ports
>6gb harddrive
all the normal stuff
OS is RedHat 7.1

>the cs4232b sound card is not working yet
>can not recognized usb drive(256mb creative muvo tx fm .mp3 player(can double as a drive)

After I get everything set up I will be looking for a IDE compiler for both python and c++

well till next time(hopefully I can actually write something interesting as I have writers block right now.(now I must make a left turn,but must make a right,into the bathroom lol)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

A little about me.

Well... Theres not really much to say. Im 29 and really sick of life. I used to have my own business in Picayune,MS,but as yáll might remember we had a little storm that blew us away. Now, a year later, Im still on the road trying to find a new place to settle down. I've been every where. When I was in Mississippi I had a very small pc repair business(if it paid the rent,put food on the table and paid my dsl bill I was happy) Now Im armed with only a laptop and a huge disire to learn a programming skill, then maybe I can get a second chance to pull my life together.