Thursday, July 13, 2006

At this point in my journey Im still trying to configer and setup Red Hat 7.1 "seawolf"on my laptop. This is my current setup.

IBM Thinkpad 385xd(I know old,buts its all I have)
>233 mhz cpu
>32mb ram(96mb max)
>one usb port
>two pcmcia ports
>6gb harddrive
all the normal stuff
OS is RedHat 7.1

>the cs4232b sound card is not working yet
>can not recognized usb drive(256mb creative muvo tx fm .mp3 player(can double as a drive)

After I get everything set up I will be looking for a IDE compiler for both python and c++

well till next time(hopefully I can actually write something interesting as I have writers block right now.(now I must make a left turn,but must make a right,into the bathroom lol)


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