Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the days rant.

I can't believe it! Some piece of human wast toasted GilesHellier's account this morning and delete all his videos from YouTube! Its crackers like this that give hackers a bad name. Anyone who is caught cracking into others accounts and networks don't deserve jail time. You read this right, they do NOT deserve jail time. What the deserve is to be hung upside down and have their toenails peeled off of them. Then, they need there eyeballs taped open and be submited to a performance of Rosie Odonalds singing to them while naked!. Then they can go to jail and be raped in the butt.(I wish I could get away with using more harsh words on blogger,but there could be little ones hanging around. Anyway I hope they catch this idiot who done this to a youtube directore. Really you should have seen some of GilesHellier vidoes their hillarious.